PEP 51906 & PEP 60091 (Offshore Taranaki Basin - South)

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PEP 51906 & PEP 60091 (Offshore Taranaki Basin - South)


OMV New Zealand Ltd (OMV) is seeking partners to earn a participating non-operated interest in seven of its key exploration permits in New Zealand (Figure 1). Four are offered jointly with Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Ltd (MEPAU). OMV intends to retain operatorship along with 30% - 40% equity in each permit. Six permits are in the productive Taranaki Basin & the seventh is in the prospective East Coast Basin. 

Gaining entry into these seven exploration blocks offers a unique opportunity to access a balanced non-operated acreage position with limited near-term exposure and long-term exploration running room.  The Taranaki permits offer near-field & on-trend exploration in a favourable structural and depositional setting. The East Coast permit offers frontier exploration in an under-explored proven petroleum basin with significant acreage holdings by international oil companies. 

Taranaki South – near field 

PEP 51906 Matuku (OMV operated 100%) covers an area of 806 km2. The permit is surrounded by the producing oil fields of Maari, Manaia, Tui, Amokura & Pateke and the giant Maui Gas Field. Drilling & 3D seismic acquisition in 2014 provided encouraging new exploration insights for the future prospectivity. 

PEP 60091 Te Whatu (OMV Operator 57.14%, MEPAU 42.86%) covers an area of 2,242 km2. The permit was awarded jointly to OMV & MEPAU in the 2015 block offer. The permit lies directly to the west of the OMV-operated Maari oil field and south of the Kahurangi source kitchen. It also hosts the Te Whatu source kitchen & contains structural closures on trend with the Maari & Maui fields. This permit includes a drill-ready prospect with modern 3D seismic.  

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