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PGS Taranaki MegaSurvey


PGS has built the first regionally contiguous seismic dataset across the Taranaki Basin, the only producing petroleum basin in New Zealand.

The Taranaki MegaSurvey is a partnered project between PGS and GNS Science and contains 11 360 sq. km of 3D seismic data matched and merged with 5 140 km of 2D data converted into depth from a seismic horizon constrained velocity model. It provides an excellent opportunity for both new entrant companies and existing stakeholders to obtain a fully integrated regional overview through a cost effective seismic package.

The region’s major prospective fairways lie within the Late Mesozoic extensional phase and inversion phase of the Neogene, with accelerated inversion during the Mid-Miocene supplying vast amounts of sediment to the basin. The project area includes the Maui gas condensate field (4 TCF) and Maari-Manaia oil field (48.8 MMB).

In addition, PGS has strategically acquired 4300 sq. km of new long offset GeoStreamer 3D in 2016/17 to complement and increase the footprint of high quality 3D seismic across the basin.

Hydrocarbons are sourced from possible Jurassic to Miocene rocks with reservoir sands identified in the Upper Cretaceous to Pliocene sequences. Both structural and stratigraphic traps are pursued with the majority of exploration focused on structural highs.


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