About this service:

This service is a free-to-view website providing a platform for explorers to showcase and market the petroleum exploration permits they are looking to farm out to the global petroleum exploration community.

Explorers pay to advertise their opportunities on New Zealand Petroleum Exploration Opportunities.

The website also provides a directory of all organisations with activities in New Zealand and information and links to relevant industry organsisations.

It is marketed at all major petroleum industry events in New Zealand and a number of international events. It is also advertised on a range of international websites.

About Freeman Media:                                                                             

New Zealand Petroleum Exploration Opportunities is published by Freeman Media, publisher of the subscription-based news and information service Energy News.

Freeman Media also runs the New Zealand Petroleum Club, the Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards, and prints poster-sized permit maps for the oil and gas sector.

It was established in 2002 and launched into the energy sector in 2008.