New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals

Endorsement from New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals

"NZP&M are delighted to see another tool for the promotion of our growing upstream sector.  This innovative new tool potentially increases the number of companies actively looking at New Zealand.  This is  a boost for the industry.  and will help affirm New Zealand as an attractive destination for oil and gas exploration."


New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals (NZP&M) manages the New Zealand Government's oil, gas, mineral and coal resources, known as the Crown Mineral Estate.

NZP&M's broad aim is to maximise the gains to New Zealand from the development of mineral resources, in line with the Government’s objectives for energy and economic growth.  

NZP&M's core role is to:

  • build understanding about New Zealand’s petroleum (oil and gas) and mineral potential
  • facilitate investment in exploration and development
  • provide an effective management regime for the exploration and development of the Crown Mineral estate.

NZP&M's activities include:

  • running competitive tender processes to encourage exploration and development of resources
  • processing and monitoring prospecting, exploration and mining permits
  • collecting royalties, levies and fees payable to the Crown
  • managing compliance with the minerals programmes and regulations
  • managing technical data about New Zealand's petroleum, mineral and coal resources.

NZP&M is a branch of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.