Endorsement from Chief Executive Officer of PEPANZ

“We are excited to see this new service launch and help in the promotion of New Zealand petroleum exploration permits to the global market. It is great to have an independent site where our upstream community can showcase their operations and current opportunities and attract interest from major players. This is a great way to encourage dialogue with international investors and expand New Zealand’s growing oil and gas community.”

PEPANZ represents the major companies that explore for and produce New Zealand’s oil and gas resources

Since 1972, the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) has been the national body representing the upstream oil and gas exploration and production industry.

The association represents the major companies that explore for and produce New Zealand’s oil and gas resources.

These companies currently account for an estimated 95% of petroleum production. In addition, PEPANZ also represents more than 30 associate member companies that provide a wide range of goods and services to the industry.

PEPANZ works with local and central government to ensure that the country’s regulatory and commercial framework promotes investment and maximises the return to the New Zealand’s industry and community from developing the nation’s oil and gas resources.

As an association, PEPANZ aims to secure conditions that enable member companies to operate safely, sustainably and profitably. The association also seeks to increase community and government understanding of the upstream petroleum industry by publishing information about the sector’s activities and economic importance to the nation.

Values statement

PEPANZ believes that by developing and growing our oil and gas industry we can enrich New Zealand’s future. The future of our member companies, our communities and the economic future of our country.

As the representative of the oil and gas industry PEPANZ looks to provide members with strong representation and advocacy, leadership for industry-wide issues, while engaging openly and honestly with New Zealanders.

Industry leadership: confident, informed, and consultative

PEPANZ provides leadership on industry-wide issues through proactive and informed communications and media representation in consultation with its members.

Industry advocates: integrity, honesty, reasonable, rational decision making

As the representative association for the majority of oil and gas explorers and producers in New Zealand, PEPANZ advocates for the interests of its members by representing them in central and local government processes. PEPANZ works with Governments to ensure the interests of our members are advocated for in regulation, policy development and legislation. In all advocacy work PEPANZ ensures that they are honest, reasonable and rational.

Industry engagement: open, transparent, neighbourly, kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face)

Engaging with communities is a priority for the oil and gas industry and PEPANZ likes to do so face to face. It believes growing the oil and gas industry in a responsible way will protect the environment and enrich communities. As an association PEPANZ proactively looks to engage with communities where the oil and gas sector is operating or expanding so communities feel confident in future projects that may take place. PEPANZ also thinks it is important to engage with young Kiwis, and work hard to attend career days, support scholarships and help fund local science fairs. Engaging communities is about gaining a social licence to operate, with the goal of becoming part of the community you operate in.